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My 'Sona
A picture I drew during school today of my 'sona. I tried my best to catch my actual body type in it because I don't quite like it when someone's personal fursona doesn't look a damned thing like them. Like when an endomorphic body type person has an ectomorphic body type 'sona. OCs I don't mind but if you're going to represent yourself represent YOURSELF not your silly impossible fantasy.
Glace finally with color!
Glace Uncolored
Glace, my Glaceon Pokemorph Character.
Atheris Badge/Sketch
Here is my first artwork on my character, Atheris
Viv in the pool
This is a commission of me and Jeremy again, just having some tenderness between us~ Art is (c) MessyMutt
The First
This is the first ever dirty commission i've ever commissioned! Art is (c) Rainbowdeathbat of fA
Now THAT'S Entertainment!
As i've said in the past- the two things i love the most are yiffing, and killing zombies... Either one can easily draw, and hold my attention- so naturally, as i was deciding earlier today what to do when i got online... well, i drew this up in about an hour. Enjoy! ;3 -LF
This is my boomstick
Laffin with his stoeger coach gun- a fresh shell in one paw... (also- bruce campbell reference XD) Not much, but it passed the time right? Enjoy! ;3 -LF
A Mask of Sanity
In short- Laffin has fallen hard for a beautiful wolfess named Littleone, but a pleasant conversation is cut short by a demented cock-blocking horndog of a bartender named Timber... Well, Laffin has promised Littleone that he'd stop expressing his built up frustration on random people anymore... but he can still WANT to. Enjoy! ;3 -LF
Snipen' Fox
Laffin' Fox with a sniper rifle... zombies beware. Enjoy! ;3 -LF
Laughin' Laffin'
Just wanted people to know why Laffin's called Laffin... Enjoy! ;3 -LF
Just a reaction pic for an online roleplay i've been addicted to recently... there just aren't enough furry shocke-face pics, ya know? So- naturally, i drew my main character- Mike Libretto (The Laffin' Fox) with a shocked expression. Enjoy! ;3 -LF
Laffin' is cooler than you
Just another thing i made with my new art program- Corel PE4. I made this because i needed a newer pic for my fursona on yiffy.tk, because i had been using "spooky night". I really like how this turned out, but i still messed up a bit... hence the lack of a background. Oh well- nobody is perfect. Enjoy! ;3 -LF
Windy standoff
"Hey... Dodge this!" Mike Libretto is armed, and in a standoff with some unseen foe on the roof of a building... Who is he facing? why? I know the answer... but that's a surprise... (let's just say- it's sort of a dark revenant of my past...) ===================================================== I just kind of needed a slightly more badass picture of Laffin... (plus- notice the hollow look in his eyes... my eye color [yes, i gave him my same shade of chillin...
Laffin' Fox -At the Tavern...
So i've been on YTK for a while, and I decided to draw me on the main Ychat channel... Note the Leinenkugel's Red Lager, and strawberry Twizzlers... long story. Enjoy! ;3 -LF
Ry-Ry lubs the Bully
For Giganaut of FurAffinity. ------------------------------------------------------------------ (c) Base found at Deviantart.com // Ryoko belong to me // Tim belongs to Giganaut
Haru Male Solo Nov11/09 Votes 6 Views 2972 Comments 1
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A request from my boyfriend. ;P Haru's so cute and smexy!
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