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My 'Sona
A picture I drew during school today of my 'sona. I tried my best to catch my actual body type in it because I don't quite like it when someone's personal fursona doesn't look a damned thing like them. Like when an endomorphic body type person has an ectomorphic body type 'sona. OCs I don't mind but if you're going to represent yourself represent YOURSELF not your silly impossible fantasy.
Jazzy laying down~
Another by Voshiket.
This is Jazmine, the first drawing I ever had done of her, isn't she beautiful?
Andrea - leaning
This is first image of Oogie aka charlie
i was bored so this failed cause i dont like drawing on Mspaint
Lora Whittenbaker
My char Lora, so I wouldnt have to use Chalo's pic anymore. No base or anything, this is all me.
Hyena Fursona
A fursona I did a while back for an old friend. I messed up a bit with the shading on one of the legs, which makes it look kind of broken, but I like how the textures of the fur and hair turned out. This one I did with thick, shaded lines. It has a unique look, but I think I prefer thin lines for drawings like these. Feedback in mind? Please do so, I will appreciate it. ^^
My furry wolf
Smiles ^_^
Just some random doodle, nothing more lol.
Showing results 1 - 10 of 10. 1