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A princess--destined to rule as queen of another land--finds her late season journey through the mountains cut short as a band of Kobolds claim her and her maids as their own. She finds a new destiny and launches herself into it head first. Warning; very disgusting, brutal, and just plain messed up.? Contains scat, body horror, and insanity!
A Romp in the Rain Gay Views 1490 Votes 5 Comments 0
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Big Mac and his cousin Braeburn have been having sex for ages, but lately they haven't had the time for each other. When a thuderstorm rolls in, they finally find the time.
Jae is enjoying a picnic in the woods by herself, but is she really alone?
Just a little something I wrote for practice.
This story is about the adventures of a pokemon trainer and his pokemon and it gets a little weird after the trainer has a odd transformation [may be explained in a different story] (disclaimer: I don't own pokemon but I made up the story and all of the personalities of all the characters in this story) please read and tell me what you think and I might add on to it
PJ must investigat a crime on his own and gains a new freind
[Rated G]
The End. N/A Views 1657 Votes 2 Comments 0
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Johan says goodbye to Leona, at least for now. We meet a character who will become one of Johan's most trusted counterparts, and we get to learn a little about his car.
A New Love Gay Views 2527 Votes 8 Comments 0
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After breaking up with his girlfriend, Ryan, a "straight" dalmatian in his early twenties, meets a handsome german shepherd with whom he falls in love with at first sight.
Chapter 3 and a shout out from that cat to all the readers! Enjoy!
The Midnight Train. Straight Views 2285 Votes 6 Comments 0
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Some history on the topic of the fictitious town of Steinherring, Germany. Johan gets to know Leona a little better... it's only... somewhat suggestive...
A Bet is a Bet Straight Views 3276 Votes 18 Comments 1
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A veterinarian gets more than he bargained for when looking for love in his barn
A survival horror made by That_cat. Enjoy!
That horror story N/A Views 2068 Votes 1 Comments 0
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Not your average horror story...
Second chapter of my story. Enjoy
Part 3 of The Alternate World. Jason discovers his true feelings for Jennifer but he is afraid of admitting to them. Will he muster the courage to talk? ;) Advice: Read parts one and two if you havnt already or none of this will make sense :P Please rate and send feedback!
This first chapter will serve as the beginning, here we meet Lucky for the first time and join him as he struggles with the stress of college life.
Part 2 of my series and my second story. Jason is back at school and is confused when he meets a new girl. could he be getting attached? ;)
This chapter is just the beginning. There will be many more to come. It is about a mare name Sarah who has lived in the small town of Rabun her whole life. It's a lovely place to live unless you're in high school. Sarah happens to meet a boy named Adam, and he is from the city. She wants to be kind to him and be his friend, but he doesn't seem to take interest in her. He's too busy getting his ass kicked by a big pit bull on steroids, but Sarah's determined to be nice. W
Two long-time friends discover each other
[Rated G]
CINC Hughes. N/A Views 2410 Votes 2 Comments 0
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Johan's hospital stay. We introduce Alfred H. Hughes, Commander in Chief of the Bundeswher, and we finally meet Johan's mate and daughter (not the same person).
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