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If furries started making band...
Brain farted for quite some time so I asked myself "How about you draw about the things you like" so I picked two and got this, hope you like
Nu look
DOMiNO shaves off the straight to love and live in the natural nappz. So it's 'fro from now on. (wags tail) ----/--/-/- ((OwO)) ^_^ -__- --------
Preggy By Pet
Commission done for le wonderful fursona Kendowolf starring him and my lovely pregnant vixen Yiffina, fingerling her adequately as the wolf her sucks on her lactating breasts. -This is not the offical title for this commission, and will be changed untill I'm satisfied. Plus this is my very 1st attempt at drawing a pregnant female at all - think I could have done better...
Good Boy
A simple commish done foe da fursona KendoWolf dominating his mistress Yiffina doggystyle while squeezing her huge breasts in his lusty paws. Yiffina: UH! UH! UH! Yes Kendo, good boy~
Play Time
My dominatrix mistress Yiffina leads her boy-toy in the basement dungeon, all tied up for play time. Yiffina: Lets go, it's play time. Kendowolf: (wags tail) Ruff! RUFF! ^_^ Special thanks to Kendowolf on SF for requesting the commission and being so awesome by supporting my talent! Also thanks to all of my furtastic fuzzbutts watching me on YI. Love you all! :p ^_^ )_) o_o (_( ^_^
She's Impressed
Wreking Tae
This is a greyscale commission for Tae TheFox. The black fox getting yiffed is Tae.
You Asked For It!
This was a greyscale commission done for Joshua Starwolf. This commission was based on the picture "Apllo is showing hes butt off".....bet he wount show it off again. lmao! Next: http://yiffy.tk/art/7238
Ooo La La~
A possible rp character, didn't know what to color him so I put in the Monochrome tag. This is also practice for "taur" or "tauren-like" bodies...think I did good.
New Tova
Just re-did Tova's colors and what not.
This is a restored image that I did myself. I think I did pretty good. o 3o
Voshiket in Armor
It's been a while since I've been here...
A birthday present! (by thebla...
Much to my surprise, I got this as a present for my 23rd birthday from a very good friend.
Kimiomo's Carbon
Kimiomo with a handful of solid Carbon balls! Kimiomo loves Carbon seeing how it's her main source of breathing and nutrition from her old planet, which has a 70% carbon atmosphere.
Uskie - My fursona
My very first commission for Uskie, my fursona! I'm really pleased with how he turned out! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/11186699/
Melon's Typical Weekend
Kimono Lovings
A sketch of a fantasy I had.
Showing results 1 - 20 of 97. 1  2 3 4 5 > >>