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If furries started making band...
Brain farted for quite some time so I asked myself "How about you draw about the things you like" so I picked two and got this, hope you like
The Soloist
I intend to add a text about her later. For now know that she is blind, and a musical savant. Luna is a hybrid of wolf and fox living on 2179 (alternative timeline).The existence of Moreau (furries) is credited to a genetic engineering corporation and therefore, for a long time they where simply considered propriety, with no other rights applied to humans. It's been now 50 years since new laws where made, but life is still hard for most free moreau. She is 6,3 feet tall in a world wh...
Music Mania sketch
trying something a little expanding to the world of music *dances with a headset on*
The Music Baby
(c) Base found at Deviantart.com // Ryoko belongs to me
DJ wolf Rave
something I com up years ago for my mobile phone wallpaper
Music of Sound
Are are two of my OCs Z.Harker and Loona having a good time after supper . . .
Lani showing off his little music outfit. one of my favorite i actually colored it write XP
Got bored. Added one more to the collection. Hope you enjoy.
I wuv music
Showing results 1 - 9 of 9. 1