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[Y] Characters
[Y] Venix


Played by Height5'11''
CreatedMar22/11 23:30:25Weight241 Lbs.
ModifiedJun8/11 10:44:33EyesGreen
Age29NationalityJapanese American
Western ZodiacscorpioSpeciesJaguar
SexmaleFur Colour(s)grey, black splotches
GendermaleFur Patternsplotched
OrientationhomosexualFur Texturesoft
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[Y] History

Born in the mountainous regions of Okinawa. Raised mostly away from society, but taught the morals of both the traditional and modern world. At age 12, his life changed as he boarded a ship bound for the United States.Once in the U.S., he trained for years in American culture and traditions while being trained in the way of the Samurai. 



Father-American Jaguar, Residing in Okinawa

Mother-Japanese Cloudy Leopard, Residing in Okinawa



Exceedingly fast learning ability

Exceptional agility

Heightened Adaptational Skills



Black Jacket w/ripped shoulders

Black Gi Pants w/ Kunai hanging off belt

Nodachi mounted on back

White Paw and footpaw bindings

 colar worn at all times, given by master Sharpmind

A red collar with an small Onyx embedded into it. A small Platinum 'S' within the gem.
[Y] Interests

Likes: fast cars, running, sword fighting, training, reading, swimming

Sexual Interests: footpaw licking/rubbing/stroking, Anal, Oral, Tail licking, ear licking, tickling, romance, petting on belly.

[Y] Dislikes

Dislikes: slow cars, ugly cars, sitting around, annoyingly rude furs, assholes, people with superiority complexes.

Sexual Dislikes: Vore, scat, watersports, gore, heavy blood, torture, CBT, S&M, macro, micro

[Y] Relationships

Mate: Cadeyrn, the most wonderful wolf in the world

master: Sharpmind

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