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[Y] Furry Within
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Submitted On Dec2/07
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A general purpose furry forum
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[Happy Chappy]
Furry Within is a relativity new, rather casual forum where the atmosphere is mostly about kicking back and having fun.

Started October 14th 2007, it so far has a very small community, all of whom greet and welcome any newcomers onto the site with open arms as many furs are prone to do. Furry Within also does not discriminate between who may join and who may not, IE furs and non-furs, though it is centered around the furry community. All are welcome. People who are looking for a roleplay, or for someone reaching out and trying to meet new furs on the internet.

The site's owner, Azhtek, is constantly making modifications to the site, always feeling as though it could be better. So far, it has had an arcade and an oekaki board, but has since gotten rid of them. It now has a gallery system and a flash chat system. Azhtek soon hopes to host competitions to the website, where users can win prizes such as DVD's, CD's, T-shirts, video games etc.

The site, while not offering anything new and tremendously unique ("Well, not yet..." to quote Azhtek), it has a pleasant community, a very helpful and polite administration staff, which currently consists of Azhtek, Sutekh and Syzygy, and a rather user-friendly and well thought-out layout to it so that anyone can navigate Furry Within with ease and minimal confusion.

In summary, Furry Within, while it has a disadvantage of being a little 'plain', it has the potential to grow, if the right directions are taken.

I give Furry Within 8/10 stars.
Well I just thought I would pop in and thank you for the great review. This is Sutehk here and I certainly agree with all the points laid out here. While we are small, we continue to grow and reach out to each new member immediately. Anyone is welcome from the extreme fur to the non-fur. It is a great place to casually hang out and do a little rp every now and then. I hope to see you dropping by soon.

Welcome, both! And thank you for posting such a detailed and well-worded review, Chappy!
[Happy Chappy]
Indeed, thank you both for the positive reactions to my review! I shall attempt to write many more in the very near future. And be as fair as I possibly can, of course!

Hmm.. Words are failing my as to how I should follow that up.. Oh, well! The chances are you shall be seeing me around here again soon enough!
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