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[Y] Not your ordinary adventure
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Submitted On Oct31/13
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This story is about the adventures of a pokemon trainer and his pokemon and it gets a little weird after the trainer has a odd transformation [may be explained in a different story] (disclaimer: I don't own pokemon but I made up the story and all of the personalities of all the characters in this story) please read and tell me what you think and I might add on to it
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[Y] Excerpt
Every night my Charizard, Mewtwo and Lucario go out together leaving me alone with just Ivysaur, Umbreon and Nidoking to keep me company. They would come back much later because they were never back by the time I went to sleep and were there in the morning. One time they didn't even come back until the next evening only to leave again in half an hour. I decided to follow them the next day I knew it would be risky because Lucario might sense my presence and then I would be caught unless Lucario was still my best friend. I was daydreaming about Lucario and how so damn sexy he was and how I would like to be with him forever but knew it would be possible only in my dreams when I heard them coming back I quickly had to focus my mind so Lucario wouldn't be able to read my mind only I don't think I was fast enough because I saw a brief flicker of surprise across his face and when I was speaking to him he seemed distracted and like he didn't want to speak to me. He also seemed to avoid me most of the ...
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