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[Y] Picnic in the Woods
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Sexuality Straight
Submitted On Jan29/14
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Jae is enjoying a picnic in the woods by herself, but is she really alone?
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[Y] Excerpt
Jae smiled with her eyes closed, face lifted up and took a deep breath, inhaling the wonderful scent of the

woods and sunshine. Her heart fluttered and her tail flicked with the joy of being in such a beautiful place

all by herself on such a lovely day. She opened her eyes and continued on her journey, picnic basket in hand,

wearing nothing but a black, seethrough, baggy shirt and a flaterling, loosely tied pair of fuzzy, grey workout

pants, greatly complementing her white fur and black and blue, snow leopard spots. Jae loved her walks through

the woods, she came out here almost everyday, but she still had yet to explore the whole area. Today she planned

on finding the perfect place to eat a picnic and enjoy the sun. Jae's large C cups bounced lightly up and down

with her every, lively step. Soon she came upon a thick wall of vines, and she could here the faint sounds of

water trickeling behind it. She reached out and, using her claws, she parted the vines enough to get herself ...
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