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[Y] The Depth of Faith
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Submitted On Dec26/18
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A princess--destined to rule as queen of another land--finds her late season journey through the mountains cut short as a band of Kobolds claim her and her maids as their own. She finds a new destiny and launches herself into it head first. Warning; very disgusting, brutal, and just plain messed up.? Contains scat, body horror, and insanity!
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The Depth of Faith

Darkness settled over the snow clad forest. Winter birds trailed off in their lyrical worship of the wan sun. My carriage continued up the road toward the high mountain pass as storm clouds gathered in the distance. I stared hard at them, I bent my will against them, I cast scorn upon their threat; I would reach my new home no matter what the universe aligned against me!
Unbidden musings drifted into my thoughts: Who was I who dared command the storm? What foolish creature was I to assail the high mountains in the early days of winter? I shook my head in rejection of these doubts that came forward in sinister and alien whispers. I was the Princess! I was to be Queen! My future was touched by the gods, divinely fated! I cursed in the old tongue; which put both men and horse at unease. The echo of my words, inaudible yet felt, returned to me unanswered. Fate it seemed, was holding it’s breath.
Higher into the pass we climbed, beyond the trees. The storm drew ever closer, no ...
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