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[Y] Survival-chapter 3-confusion
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Submitted On Aug6/13
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Chapter 3 and a shout out from that cat to all the readers! Enjoy!
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     The first part if the job was simple. Nick and Rodger needed bags for the supplies. They were everywhere, seeing as how this was one of the most popular resorts in the Northern Hemisphere. Nick and Rodger both grabbed two bags each, and started to walk towards the stairs. Nick saw something peculiar. The halls were drenched in blood, yet where were all the bodies? "Rodger? Where are the bodies? Why are they all gone?" Nick said with a scared confusion. "I don't know..." Rodger was not happy. He seemed very focused and serious about this job. Nick saw the sign "Emergency stairs" dangling from the ceiling. "Ok, there's a bar on the top of the hotel. I think we can find some water and food when we get there." Nick tried to sound dutifully proud, but he was too nervous. "Understood." Rodger said sternly. 

    Before Nick even opened the door, a loud crash was heard and a scream from what seemed like a female. Nick walke...
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