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[Y] A New Love
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Sexuality Gay
Submitted On Aug6/13
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After breaking up with his girlfriend, Ryan, a "straight" dalmatian in his early twenties, meets a handsome german shepherd with whom he falls in love with at first sight.
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[Y] Excerpt

Ryan sat across from Sophia. He wanted to pant out of nervousness. What's more, he wanted to just run far away. But as always, he had to tell the truth.
Ryan was born and raised in the city of  Columbus, Ohio. By the time he became thirteen, Ryan realized he had a sexual liking to both girls and boys. Then he met Sophia. When Ryan turned fifteen he decided he was bisexual and told it to his friends and family. They agreed to conceal Ryan's orientation to protect him from being bullied. When he was nineteen, Ryan finally started dating Sophia. Ryan and Sophia were happy together but Ryan grew weary of his relationship with Sophia, as it was dull. Now, a year later, Ryan was telling Sophia the truth. He didn't want to live a lie and keep Sophia from what she needed to know.
 "Sophia... you're a beautiful girl" Ryan said, placing his paw over hers "I love you with every bit of my heart. But you deserve to know the truth. I know it sound...
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