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[Y] A Romp in the Rain
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Sexuality Gay
Submitted On Apr13/14
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Big Mac and his cousin Braeburn have been having sex for ages, but lately they haven't had the time for each other. When a thuderstorm rolls in, they finally find the time.
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[Y] Excerpt

Big Macintosh sighed as laid in the grass, looking up into the big blue sky with a thick blanket of gray clouds slowly rolling in from the south. It seemed that the pegasus ponies were getting ready to water down the dry earth. The red earth pony knew that the farm needed it and he thoroughly enjoyed a good thunderstorm, but it was his off day and he had plans tonight. Oh well, better now than when they were rushing to get the zap apples down. He stood and walked to the barn as thunder rolled behind him and the skies darkened.
He smiled when he saw his cousin, Braeburn, come out with a smile. The yellow pony looked to the skies and the clouds growing in the distance and growing closer before he looked down towards Big Mac. "Hey there cousin! Can you believe the weather rolling in? It is going to be great!"
The red stallion nodded. "Eeyup."
"Come on cousin!" He turned the larger male around and led him over to the middle of the west field. Big Mac chuckled ...
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